Learning, Teaching, and Technology

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.  -Bill Gates 

The world of technology is moving faster than we can blink. Everyday there is a new tablet, new update, or new smart phone on the market. The next iPhone comes out the year after the last, robots are able to respond to our commands, and some forms of technology can even read our body language. The world is literally at our finger tips.

There are two views one can take on this subject, well three really. Technology is hurting today’s world, helping today’s world, or a mixture of both based on how we use it. Other than the anti-technologist, I think most would choose the third choice. Technology allows us to have access to things we could have only dreamed of having years and years ago. It opens doors for our society that would usually be a plane ride away to open. Instead, it is accessible with the click of a button or requested from Siri.

When thinking about technology in the classroom, there could be a lot of controversy. Some may think it distracts students from the task at hand, some may think it helps students learn faster, and others may be indifferent. I like the quote posted above because I think it points out simply what technology is. Like Bill Gates says, technology is just a tool.

Technology is an extremely useful tool, but without having an instructor or guidance/restrictions about what is appropriate in the classroom it can be a distraction. Technology is simply a medium in order to further probe our thinking and make our ideas come to life faster. The problem is that sometimes it replaces our own creative thinking. It is so easy to google a concept and return millions of ideas- all of which are not your own.

I believe that having a good balance between the idea of using technology to allow deeper thinking, but also give students time to brainstorm their own ideas is vital to student’s success. It is also vital to the development and creativity of young student’s minds. It allows them to develop good habits revolving around technology and not deem it good or bad. It is ambiguous depending on how it is used. Referring back to the quote, technology is simply a tool, and a helpful one at that.



2 thoughts on “Learning, Teaching, and Technology

  1. Tan,
    I think your blog post was very insightful. I do think about whether or not technology actually helps in the classroom or if it is a distraction. Especially in college with teachers having loose technology rules, I wonder if technology in the classroom helps. Most of the time students are on their laptops or phones not focused on the task at hand. But maybe that just comes with being in college! Loved your blog and can’t wait for the next!!!


  2. Hi Tan, love this post. It is so you. I agree with what you said about the three views on technology. I definitely fall within the third category of people who can see the “goods” and “bads” about technology. Personally, I will get very distracted while on my phone or the internet. One moment I am looking at your insta post that day and 45 mins later I am still creeping on all your KD friends. At the same time, I feel like I am also very efficient due to technology. I can’t imagine having to write out a 1,000 word essay rather than typing it (as one example). Technology also allows for people to be efficient because they can work on a project on their own time, while still traveling or working.


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