Teaching to Every Student


How can teachers identify student’s learning styles and cater their lessons accordingly? 

Key words: Strategies, Styles, Unique, Learning, Teachers, Students

As many teachers know, not every student’s learning style is the same. Each student may absorb information in different ways than others. As a teacher, it is difficult to tailor a lesson completely on one student or even to the popular learning style. Instead of changing the style of the lesson, teachers are changing the way the model their classroom. University of San Diego learning wrote an article on how teachers can make sure they are reaching out to all of their students.

First, teachers should learn about each of their individual students. They should learn about what interests them and what keeps them entertained by engaging them in interactive activities. This way you can discover what they are comfortable with and what they do not care much about. Second, teachers must be open and understanding with the students so that they know everyone is there to learn. When students feel as though they are going to be judged or compared when trying to learn it can cause them to shy away from openly discussing their thoughts. Problem based learning where students have to join in groups to brainstorm and come up with solutions is a great way to get them comfortable expressing ideas and not as much importance on whether their answers are right or wrong.

Lastly, one teachers have seen what their students like most and what allows them to reach their full potential, they should tailor their future lessons accordingly. It is important that teachers be selfless and instead of teaching the way that suits them best, they are teaching in a way that is best for their students. It can be difficult for high school or middle school teachers who are teaching so many students throughout the day to not get in such a routine with their lesson. They may have to make quick changes during each period in order to keep each student engaged and maximize their potential for learning.

What I found most interesting was the different types of teaching environments in the article. There are two types of instruction: teacher centered and student centered. The teacher centered approach puts the teacher in charge and has them absorbing all the information. It requires the students to be passive learners that listen and take in all information. The student centered approach is a lot more interactive. It creates more equanimity between the teacher and the students. Although the teacher is still in charge, they act more as a facilitator and coach the students by guiding their thoughts.

No matter what learning style each student is, the student centered learning allows them to feel as though they are a piece of their own learning. It allows them to come to conclusions themselves which overall helps them truly learn something instead of just memorize. The teacher centered approach is starting to become a thing of the past and really hinders the student’s and their ability to learn.

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Check out this article to learn more: https://onlinedegrees.sandiego.edu/teaching-to-every-students-unique-learning-style/



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