Learning Activity Guide: Facebook


Brief Description:

  • This commercial shows how students need a channel of communication that is easily accessible. Our commercial focuses on Facebook and the way it helps students stay on top of important class assignments and allows them a channel of communication that can be accessed on the go. A lot of miscommunication comes from people not remembering what was specifically said. Using Facebook though allows concrete records that people can refer back to. One thing we didn’t show in the commercial is how teachers can use Facebook to communicate with their students by making a class page. It acts almost like a bulletin board so students can keep up with their class schedule.

Learning Topic: 

  • Understanding how Facebook can help students collaborate outside of the classroom. It is a great way to get students communicating while being able to use one of the most sought after forms of social media. Social Media can get a bad wrap at times and using it in a positive way can help everyone benefit from it.

Targeted Learners: 

  • Students ages 13-22
  • This can be helpful for students who are in high school as well as students who are in college. Definitely a glamorous resource for each age group
  • mixes personal social media with group work to allow students to enjoy group project work and connect easier

Estimated Time: 

  • The time allotted for students to use this resource is completely up to them. Facebook is something some students spend hours of their personal time on Facebook and others spend less. By utilizing Facebook as a class resource, students can enjoy personal social media time along with getting group work completed.

Resources Required: 

  • Laptop, Group members, Project

Step-by-Step Instructions: 

  • First, sign up and create a Facebook page for yourself
  • Second, have a group project to work on
  • Three, create a Facebook chat and add your group members
  • Four, communicate as often as you need to in order to get your plans set

Our Commercial: 



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