Final Thoughts


“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” -Albert Einstein 

After taking this course throughout the semester and being able to research more on the learning styles of students, I have concluded that their is no right or wrong way to teach students. It is simply a case by case process, and the overriding goal is that most teachers are the ones that have to truly immerse themselves in their student’s culture and learning styles in order to truly capture their attention.

Many teachers can get in a routine of their daily lives and teach a course or subject so often that they become numb to new ideas and do not care to learn more about their students. At the end of the day, the responsibility of the teacher and what they choose to do with it will be with student for the rest of their lives. Especially in the younger ages of teaching, the building blocks of the way learn and retain information are in the hands of the teachers. It is vital that they adjust their classrooms based on the student’s needs to give them the best experience and train their minds to receive information and learn the best way they can.

After reading an article on Education World, the environment in which students are learning is vital to their success. The room should be filled with an aura that is promoting thinking and questioning. Students should feel as though learning is welcome. The piece of learning that is sometimes skipped over is that it is sometimes difficult to learn. When one is first learning a new skill or subject, they may fail many times before they succeed. They should be curious and engaged, and feel as though it is a safe environment to ask questions.

The second piece to a stimulating classroom is the material in itself. Teachers should make the activities that they have in their classrooms entertaining so that students want to learn and understand. If students are not engaged and interested in what they are learning, they will not stay focused. Now this is difficult because not all necessary curriculum is going to interest every student. However, the activities in which teachers provide for their students is something that can make the material interesting. Competition is another easy way to keep students engaged. They are able to compete with other classmates for incentives in order to promote learning and engagement.

Overall, each classroom and teaching style is different. Every student may learn differently than others and it can make it very difficult for teachers to reach every student. Having a good relationship with each individual student can make this easier. After reading several articles, I have concluded that the learning styles different students have affects the way they learn and retain information. If the teacher is able to get to know their students early in the semester and keep the classroom stimulating, the teacher will have more successful students. It is key that they do not get stuck in the day to day of their job and keep things fresh for students in order to set them up for success in their futures as students and professionals.

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